On November 30th, 2012 Mr. Guy Reynolds from the U.S. West Virginia celebrated 100th birthday and still flying in his Evektor SportStar S-LSA! 

Guy Reynolds is extraordinary man who has been participating in writing the history of light sport aviation in the USA. He started flying in the early ‘40s, got his licence in 1945 and in 2005 bought the Evektor SportStar. He decided for the SportStar for its outstanding handling qualities, spacious cockpit and low operation costs. His SportStar, s/n 2004-0304, registration N322PG was among the first two aircraft approved by the FAA. Together with Evektor SportStar N400EV licensed the same day April 8, 2005 he shares the distinction of owning the very first S-LSA aircraft in the world licensed by the FAA in the US LSA category.

At the time Guy purchased his SportStar he was 93 years old. Since then he has flown his aircraft approximately 100 hrs a year and at his 100th birthday he is at 800 hours.

Guy holds primacy also in the first S-LSA end-user delivery. And today he is the oldest living Sport Pilot still flying his own aircraft!

It is amazing and inspiring for all of us. On behalf of Evektor company and all our employees we wish Guy Reynolds a healthy and peaceful life. Happy 100th birthday.